Using Taiwan’s finest source of pure water from Yilan.

Carefully selecting Yilan’s rice and plants

Inheriting Dr Shen Tian’s vinegar bacteria

Adhering to the traditional three step fermentation process to create natural quality products.


Qing Tong Zhi Period: Taiwan #1 Scholar –Hsu Zong Lian (Hsu Jia Bin’s Great Grandfather) Founder of Ai-Lian Library. Mentored many of Taiwan’s Founding Businessmen .


Hsu Zong Lian was given the award of excellence.


In order to raise 6 boys and 7 girls, Hsu Wan De(Hsu Jia Bin’s grandfather) opened a market. This marked the beginning of the household vinegar brand.


Portrait of Hsu Wan De market in 1916.


Hsu Wan De along with Dr. Shen Tian (Front Right) developed the first Acetic Bacteria at the Kong Yen Laboratory.
Back Right: Mr. Hsu Hou Jin (Hsu Ja Bin’s Father)